Dan Lawson Place: A Must-See Attraction in Cades Cove, Tennessee

Dan Lawson Place: A Must-See Attraction in Cades Cove, Tennessee

Welcome to the Dan Lawson Place, a historic cabin nestled in the picturesque beauty of Cades Cove, Tennessee. Known as one of the top tourist destinations in the area, this charming landmark attracts visitors from around the world. With its rich history, unique architectural features, and scenic surroundings, the Dan Lawson Place is truly a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience.

The Dan Lawson Place, originally constructed in 1856, showcases the craftsmanship of the time with its hand-cut log construction. Over the years, the cabin has undergone modifications, including the addition of a second story and a covered porch that served as the Cades Cove post office. The brick chimney, a rarity in homes during that era, adds to the cabin’s charm and historical significance.

Formerly owned by Dan Lawson, the postmaster of Cades Cove for over 25 years, the cabin served as the hub of community activities. Visitors can explore the small room on the front porch, which might have been where community members picked up their mail. The property also features a smokehouse and a granary, offering a glimpse into the rural lifestyle of the past.

As one of the largest landowners in Cades Cove, Dan Lawson and his wife Sidney left a lasting legacy in the area. Their contributions to the community, including Dan’s role as the Methodist Church’s singing leader and Sidney’s dedication to education, are still remembered today. Several belongings of the Lawson family, such as a family bible, portraits, and a handmade dresser, now reside in the National Park Service Collections Preservation Center.

While the last residents of Cades Cove, the Caughrons, have left, the remnants of their presence can still be seen near the Dan Lawson Place. Though the Caughron’s home is no longer standing, the barn remains as a testament to the history of the area.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply seeking a unique travel experience, the Dan Lawson Place in Cades Cove is the ideal destination. With its tranquil setting, fascinating history, and breathtaking views, it is truly a must-see attraction for visitors. From exploring the cabin’s architectural marvels to immersing yourself in the stories of the past, the Dan Lawson Place offers an unforgettable journey through time.

The Construction and Modifications of the Dan Lawson Place

The Dan Lawson Place cabin holds a rich history that dates back to its construction in 1856. Originally acquired by Dan Lawson from his father-in-law, Peter Cable, the cabin stands as a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the time.

With Peter Cable’s expertise as a skilled carpenter, it is likely that he played a significant role in the construction of the cabin. The use of hand-cut logs, meticulously hewn smooth on the inside faces, showcases the attention to detail and dedication put into its creation.

One notable feature of the Dan Lawson Place is its brick chimney, a rare addition for homes in Cades Cove during that era. This unique architectural element adds a touch of charm and character to the cabin, setting it apart from other structures in the area.

Over the years, the Dan Lawson Place underwent several modifications, reflecting the changing needs of its inhabitants. The addition of a second story and a covered porch further transformed the cabin into a functional space to house the Cades Cove post office, which Dan Lawson operated from his home.

During these modifications, machine-cut lumber was introduced, elevating the overall finish and enhancing the aesthetics of the cabin. This attention to detail and commitment to improvement showcases the pride and care taken by Dan Lawson in maintaining the integrity of his property.

In addition to the cabin, other structures such as a barn, smokehouse, and granary were added to the property over time. These structures further enriched the Dan Lawson Place, creating a self-sufficient and thriving homestead in the heart of Cades Cove.

Dan Lawson Place cabin

Through the construction and modifications of the Dan Lawson Place, visitors can witness the evolution of architecture and the dedication of the Lawson family to create a cherished home in Cades Cove.

The Legacy of Dan Lawson and the Lawson Family

Dan Lawson, a prominent figure in Cades Cove, Tennessee, left behind a lasting legacy that continues to be cherished today. Through his entrepreneurial spirit and community involvement, he became one of the largest landowners in the area, owning a vast strip of land that stretched all the way from the state line to the mountaintops.

Alongside his wife Sidney, the Lawsons were highly respected members of the community. Dan served as the singing leader for the Methodist Church, using his voice to bring joy and inspiration to the congregation. Meanwhile, Sidney played a vital role in educating the children, imparting knowledge and shaping young minds.

A testament to their rich history, some of the cherished belongings of the Lawson family have been preserved and are now housed at the National Park Service Collections Preservation Center in Townsend, TN. Visitors can catch a glimpse of their family bible, portraits, and even a beautifully crafted handmade dresser, immersing themselves in the heritage and traditions of the Lawsons.

While the Caughrons were the last residents of Cades Cove, residing near the Dan Lawson Place, only the barn that once stood nearby remains as a reminder of their presence. The Dan Lawson Place, with its historical significance and ties to the pioneering days of Cades Cove, stands as a must-see attraction for those seeking to explore the area’s vibrant past.

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